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✓ EU & euro zone membership: Malta is a member of the EU (since 2004) and the euro zone (since 2008), providing access to the European Single Market.
✓ Favourable climate for Hosting non-EU nationals: Government policy is in favour of the attraction of non-EU nationals to come and study/work. This facilitates the process of the documentation that is required by non-EU nationals to study in Malta;
✓ Location & connectivity: the country enjoys a highly advantageous geostrategic location, with excellent sea and air connectivity to the surrounding region.
✓ Language: English is one of the island’s national languages, and it is the language used for conducting business. The significant number of expats in Malta has enriched fluency in various languages.
✓ Human Resources: Malta can offer an educated, productive, flexible and cost- effective workforce;
✓ Advantageous personal taxation: Income Tax and Social Security contributions being amongst the lowest in Europe. Specific very competitive tax schemes for highly qualified individuals;
✓ Competitive cost base: Malta offers a competitive cost base especially in comparison to other larger European economies;
✓ Advantageous Corporate Tax Regime: the corporate tax rate which in Malta is 35%,
may effectively be reduced to 5% through a refund of up to 6/7th’s of the amount of tax paid upon distribution of dividends.

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